Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time Flies When You're Busy!

Where to begin?  Between this, that, and the other, and a few flu bugs mixed in, it seems like I have a lot of updates to include.
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the all day workshop in February.  There just wasn't enough time to process our application (must have been reading all those wonderful answers we wrote).  The next meeting we can attend will be in May.
  • They called us my birthday and told us us our formal application had been approved!  Woo hoo!
  • Next we mailed them our deposit check - no turning back now!
  • On Friday, March 11th we met with our Intake Specialist at Bethany.  We left with a file folder a good inch thick full of papers we need to complete and instructions to get physicals/fingerprints/etc.  We also have about 45 open-ended essay questions to answer!  Plus we have to read 3 books and write book reports on them.  And it is all due on June 11th.  WOW!
The next three months are going to be busy, busy, busy.  All the adoption stuff in addition to the usual everyday school, scouts, & home stuff.  Plus planning VBS.  And ISAT online scoring.  And Alan's work trip to Florida.  And allergy season is approaching.  And...and...and...PRAYERS PLEASE!  :)

What an exciting time!  Please don't think I'm complaining.  In fact, as I type all of this I've got "I've Got the Joy" by the Go Fish Guys going through my head.  I've got the joy of the Lord in my heart!  Let the fun begin.  :)

Falling in Love All Over Again

Last Friday afternoon I discovered that we still needed to turn in three more forms before Bethany could process our formal application.  One was a brand new form we had never seen!  That night we sat down and answer thousands (ok, maybe that's a hyperbole, but if felt like thousands) of questions about the baby, the birthparents, and the post-adoption procedures that we had never even thought about before.  They all had to be answered with yes, no, or will consider.  Turns out, that was the easy part.

Then we each had to complete a personal statement of faith, which included five short answer questions:
    1. What do you believe about Jesus Christ and what is your relationship with Him
    2. How is the work of the Holy Spirit active in your life?
    3. How is your personal growth in faith and obedience to God nurtured and encouraged in your life?
    4. How would you describe your involvement with your church or parish?
    5. What are your plans for your child's Christian development?

Anyway, I just wanted to share that after reading my husband's short answer responses, I have fallen in love with him all over again!  God is so good!  What an unexpected blessing.

***Note: I thought this post was lost in cyberspace, but I just found it today!  I'm still posting it.  Better late than never!