Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Noah's Patience

Last night I had a dream that I was expecting triplets!  One can only dream...  It's been hard to give up my dream of bearing more children.  I keep telling myself that as soon as the baby we (hopefully) adopt is placed in my arms, I will understand why God has closed that door.  If I gave birth to another baby I probably wouldn't be pursuing adoption...and wouldn't be matched up with the baby God has planned for us.

So why isn't that happening yet?  It was easier to remind myself of God's perfect timing while I still had steps to complete for the adoption process.  But now that all that is done, I want a baby NOW!  I was having a sad morning after my dream.  Then I read Genesis 7-9 in my Bible this morning.  I cannot imagine how impatient Noah must have been to get off that ark!  Can you imagine being cooped up on that thing with all the animals and his family?  No iphone or DSi to occupy everyone?  Talk about going stir crazy!  As soon as it stopped raining he must have wanted to throw open the ark door and hop on out for some fresh air.  But no...he waited...and waited...and waited some more.  Can you imagine what could have happened if Noah hadn't been patient?

So Lord, as I await to see if you have a baby planned for us, please help me to be patient like Noah was.  Help me to keep my eyes turned toward You as I wait, help me to appreciate and enjoy my wonderful life as I am waiting, and to be very grateful that I don't have to spend my time waiting on an ark full of animals!  :)