Friday, February 21, 2014

I was WORN!

Last year, on February 21, 2013, I was worn.  I had been trying to have a second child for SEVEN YEARS! I had taken Clomid, Double Clomid, done 4 rounds of IVF, and had 2 miscarriages.  I had been in the "process of adoption" for over 2 years.  I had been on the "waiting family" list with Bethany Christian Services for 17 months.  I had opened my heart and said that I was open to 19 different situations, but had not been matched with a baby.  And to top it all off, I had just turned 40.

I was worn.  February 21, 2013 was a cold, rainy day.  I was driving home from the store when a new song came on the radio, "Worn" by Tenth Avenue North.  I heard the lyrics and immediately started crying.  It suited me to a tee.  I came home, downloaded the song from iTunes, and listened to it over and over.  I raised my hands to the sky and tried to sing, but could only cry.  I let the song do the speaking for me.  I was worn, and I was done.  I handed it over to God.

The VERY NEXT DAY, February 22, 2013, Rachel was born.  I didn't know it yet, but my life was about to change forever.

To anyone who may be feeling worn please listen to this song, and consider turning everything over to God.  With Him, all things are possible!