Friday, September 30, 2011

And Now We Wait!

What an exciting week!  Our Home Study was approved!  We are an official "Waiting Family."  Picture me doing the Snoopy Dance to celebrate.  :)

I have submitted our Online Profile and our Short Profile to Bethany Christian Services.  Very soon they will add our information to their website, and their on-site book of families...which means that we could get chosen at any point now!  I still haven't finished the Long Profile.  I need to get cracking on that.  It's just been extra hard with Alan out of town.  My goal is to have it finished by October 7th.  We'll see! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

1 Down, 2 to Go

Short Profile, check!

Online Profile & Long Profile still to go.  I should have worked on them last night, but I took a break to see The Help.  Great movie, even though one part hit too close to home.  Just ordered the book from Amazon - since I can't get it from Borders - Boo. :(